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If you car is still under warranty, its your choice where to have it serviced

Car servicing in Sydney by Advanced Auto Centre. We service all makes and models, from Fords to Porsches. Even if your vehicle is brand new, we can service it without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, we can provide you high quality services at a very affordable price, almost less than half of the cost charged by the main dealer.

If we find anything additional that requires careful attention and replacement while we service your car, you can expect that we’ll contact you immediately without any hard sell to get it fixed through. We’ll provide you with exact information and let YOU decide if you’d like the problem fixed now or later.

We will give you a fixed price quote for any additional costs for replacement and repairs if required outside of your service schedule. We will also keep all components for viewing by you where necessary.

Upon completion of your car service, we’ll stamp your service book to keep your warranty intact and let you have a car that is safe, well maintained and running efficiently.

Maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty

Since Australian legislation were changed, motorists have been given increased freedom in selecting their desired garages that would handle their vehicles needs. An Independent workshop can conduct more affordable services and repairs compared to main dealers, as long as the operations carried out by these workshops are in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedules and the car parts used are of an appropriate quality.

Regular Servicing is Important

Regular vehicle inspections can detect minor problems which can be easily sorted out before they become a major problem. Save money by extending the life of your car by having it serviced at regular intervals. Whether it's a major service or just a simple oil change we can cater for your car servicing needs. To keep your car in good working order and hopefully avoid any hefty unexpected bills, we recommend regular servicing.

Save Time - Save Money

At Advanced Auto Centre we offer specialist car servicing to suit most popular makes and models. You’re probably used to using a main dealer for your servicing. That’s a safe option but an expensive one. Advanced Auto Centre Car Repair Centre can offer you a first-class service at a fraction of the price you’re currently paying to a main dealer – without invalidating your warranty.

We can offer you all the benefits of a main dealer operation – the latest diagnostic equipment, original manufacturers’ components, skilled mechanics, – but without the high hourly rates and huge mark-ups. The result? A first-class service that will save you money. A lot of money.

You will benefit due to

  • Minimum vehicle time off the road
  • Reduced unforeseen expenses and reduced inconvenience
  • Minimum breakdown risks due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Reduced chance of accidents
  • Improving fuel efficiency

In conclusion getting a regular car service ensures that your car is safe, not just for you but for other road users too. So if you’re looking for a professional car service, at a great price book online or call us now so we can book you in

If you are having steering or suspension problems or if you hear unusual noises when driving over bumps or dips in the road, see us for a comprehensive steering and suspension inspection.


Our Services

  •   RMS Authorised Inspections
  •   Pink Slips and Blue Slips
  •   All mechanical repairs
  •   Auto electrical repairs
  •   Log book Servicing
  •   Fuel injection service
  •   Steering & suspension
  •   Brake and disc machining
  •   Clutches & gearboxes
  •   Alternators and starter motors
  •   Tyres and puncture repairs
  •   Wheel alignments   balances