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Don't Take Chances, Get your Brakes Checked Today

Knowing that your brakes are in good working order brings peace of mind. This inspection helps identify parts that are worn or no longer meet design specifications before they damage other parts of the brake system. This helps minimize repair costs over the long term.

Modern vehicles are fitted with either disc and pad braking solutions, or a combination of disc and pad (front) and drum and shoe (rear). When you tramp on your brake pedal in an emergency you are actually triggering a series of actions. The force passes through your hydraulic system to the brake calipers, which trigger the mechanical braking.

The mechanical braking action occurs when the brake shoes clamp against the disc, or the brake shoes press against the drum. At Advanced Auto Centre we check the hydraulics and braking action to make sure the brakes are in perfect working order. A close inspection of the disc or drum should be completed to check whether these parts are within serviceable limits.

This inspection will also reveal irregularities on the surfaces that might cause unusual brake wear or hinder brake performance. Brake shoes and brake pads should also be inspected for wear and tear, and be replaced before they reach their operational limits.

Our Brake Inspection Includes

  • Complete inspection of your brakes hydraulics
  • Inspection of your front disc rotors and rear brake drums
  • Inspection of the safety hand brake and cables
  • Inspection of your brake lines, brake booster and brake fluid
  • A Report and Evaluation of your vehicle's braking system

Brake Fluid Flush & Why this is important

Brake fluid is contaminated over time due to extreme pressure, heat and exposure to moisture. Failing to replace the fluid can impair braking ability. Dirty brake fluid can also damage the hydraulic components of your braking system. This preventative maintenance service can restore the 'firmness' of a brake pedal that feels 'spongy'. It also helps prevent brake fade and prolongs the life of vital components.

What's included

  • Road test to assess system performance
  • Complete system flush of old brake fluid and any contaminants
  • Up to 1L of brake fluid
  • Complete inspection of your brake system
  • Our technician's recommendations
  • Detailed estimate for items requiring repair or replacement

If you suspect your brakes may need to be replaced, be sure to have them inspected right away. Delaying simple fixes can lead to more extensive and costly repairs.

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